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ACS Food Pantry Service Guidelines


  1. The ACS Food Bank is open to the community as a resource to supplement or provide temporary relief for individuals and families in need.
  2. Service Area:  Primarily Zip Code 77003 and 77004 (plus registered church members and referrals).
  3. Food bags/boxes are prepared according to the availability of goods.  The quantity and type of goods fluctuate from week to week based on donations.
  4. All recipients must register by completing and signing a Client Application.
  5. Registered clients receiving goods must sign in and out at the time of each service.
  6. Recipients must be present to receive goods from the ACS pantry, unless other approved arrangements have been made with ACS staff to accommodate specific needs such as sick or home bound senior citizens. 
  7. Berean ACS will provide food on service dates and times while food supplies last.
  8. Service days are currently Wednesday and Saturday as a pilot program but subject to change.  Changes will be announced (door, web, and phone).  Registered recipients may be assigned a designated pick-up day.
  9. Berean ACS does not provide direct assistance with rent, utilities, transportation, medical, or monetary needs.  Berean does not maintain any cash on the premise.
  10. Berean ACS has the right to refuse service to anyone who is disruptive or rude to staff.
  11. Alcoholic beverages, smoking of any kind, firearms and weapons, and illegal substances are prohibited and not permitted on the premise.
  12. Recipients who present him/herself while intoxicated or is suspected of being under the influence of illegal drugs will not be served.
  13. Berean ACS serves individuals regardless of race, religion, economic status, gender, or political affiliation. 
  14. Please be patient and cooperate with our dedicated volunteers.  We will do our best to serve you in a timely manner.

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