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Back to Basics Cookbook

Health is wealth...prevention is better than cure...these are adages we have heard all our lives and yet most of us do not live by it. Why? It is a bit of a complex topic and maybe outside the scope of the intent of this e-cookbook.

However, I will say that third party stakeholders and the business of medicine as it is today have financially benefited from what is probably the sickest population in the history of the world when you look at all of the advances we have made.

Nearly 70-80% of all diseases we currently treat are lifestyle related. We have been led to believe that our genetics and bad luck are the reasons for our condition. Let me just start by saying that genetics have a role and YES sometimes we have no control over what life dishes out (no pun intended). But if we were to take a closer look at what we eat and how we live we may have a rethink.

As a trained family medicine physician, my job is to gather information, order tests, diagnose, treat, and/or refer patients to other specialized doctors. The truth is, I spent the majority of my time caring for patients with lifestyle related conditions, which we call "chronic diseases".

Due to our poor lifestyle choices, lack of proper health education, stress, lack of access etc. we have developed these conditions. And for the most part, the only solution we give as healthcare providers is a prescription for drugs. What if I told you that these "chronic conditions" can be reversed or mitigated with minimal or no use of drugs. What is the catch? Eating more plant foods, getting adequate sleep, stress management, regular exercise, and community support.

This e-book will focus on providing you with some easy, tasty recipes to help you get started on your journey to better health!


Follow this link to access the Back to Basics E Cookbook