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Youth Ministries

As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way ministries meet the needs of their congregations. The Berean SDA Youth Ministries team has felt the strain that social distancing has put on our youth and families.

The pandemic has taught us to be creative, flexible, and innovate in the ways that we reach out to our young people. We have created a virtual space to meet their spiritual needs. We invite you to join us at 4 pm each Saturday for an engaging and fun discussion on the topics that are most important to teens today. 


Adventist Youth Society

We engage our youth in Adventist Youth Society ministries by creating opportunities to engage each other in a safe and practical way. We look forward to our bi-monthly (beginning in March) "Sabbath in the Park" experiences on the 4th Saturday from 4pm to Sunset at a park near you. We will play games, sing songs, and enjoy a small picnic for those who wish to participate in this youthful ministry. Come as you are, bring a friend or family, or just stop by on your own. We welcome you and your youth.  

Leaders In Training Mentorship Program 

The Leader In Training (L.I.T) Mentorship Program will be partnering various students with members of our congregation in their prospective career fields. No matter what your young person plans on doing in the future, we will look to connect them with a mentor. If you provide your field of study and personal contact information, we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. These mentors will assist you with preparation and guidance for achieving your academic or professional goals. 

For more information contact:

Elder James Kelley 




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