Men's Ministries

Welcome to Berean Men’s Ministry


Mission Statement: “To encourage and lift one another up, in order that we can become pillars of our church, leaders in our homes and community, and the men that God has called us to be.”

Men encouraging and enjoying fellowship with one another. In a society where we are so down pressed with all the responsibilities and cares that as men we deal with every single day, we need all the strength we can draw upon to make it through each day. We believe that the way we are going to make it to the Kingdom of God is encouraging, supporting, and being there for each other.

We welcome you to become a part of the Berean’s Men’s Ministry, better known as the M.O.B. (Men of Berean). We are active in outreach to the community as well as inreach.

As Bishop Jakes stated in his book He-Motions“Male friendship is essential to men on the move.”


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