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Laundry Days

I know what you are thinking. How could laundry ever be enjoyable?

Yes, I have been there too. In fact, I used to dread doing the laundry. It was like a giant monster that grew larger every day. How could we possibly use that many

clothes in one day?

So, I made it a point to learn how to make the job more efficient and less of a chore. Here are some pointers you may not have thought of:

Rule #1: If it does not smell and doesn’t look dirty, it is clean. Reinforce this motto into your children’s (and hubby’s) heads until they too chant the rule as they undress before bedtime. My children have been known to put their still folded clean clothes into the dirty clothes hamper. I was not a happy momma.

Rule #2: Hang towels to dry after showering. Reuse and wash once a week.

Rule #3: Fold socks up together when taking them off at night. Thus avoiding the phrase, “I know the washing machine eats them!”

Rule #4: Treat stains as soon as possible with a good stain remover such as Shout ®. or Spray'n Wash ®. You will be thankful later.

Rule #5: Never wash crayons with your clothes. This will keep them out of the dryer. I almost had a heart attack the first time I did this! Melted wax all over a whole load of clothes is not good. Quick Fix: Add 1 cup baking soda and your detergent to the washer and use hottest water possible.

Rule #6: Always check pockets before placing clothes in the washer. This almost goes without saying. If I had always done this I wouldn’t have known how to remove the crayons from the clothing.

Rule #7: Hang up dress shirts, slacks, and other garments as soon as the dryer stops and you won’t need to iron. Also, you could try and hang your clothes in the closest when you take them off!

Rule #8: Have your children put their own clothing away. This only works if you follow up to make sure it was done right.

Rule #9: Do one to two loads a day and you will stay on top of the game. This is a task that should be begun first thing in the morning. In between your other chores, place wet clothes in dryer and then fold.

Rule #10: Fold clothes as soon as the dryer stops. Then, put them away – immediately! So maybe doing the laundry will never be on your Top Ten List of Fun Activities... but at least it will get done easier!


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