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Family Worship Times

“Worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness.” Psalm 29:2

“Daddy, is it time yet?”

“Yes, sweetie. You may bring the special worship time box to the family room and call everyone.”

Whether it’s morning or evening (or both, if possible) having a family time of worship to God is a blessing for everyone involved. If you think you just don’t have the time, consider it an investment in family bonding, character development and relaxation therapy. It doesn’t have to be long; the length of time can vary according to your family’s needs. Just be regular and sincere in your efforts. Here are a few ideas to get you going (or to perk up your family worship times if you’re already in the habit).

Choose a specific place and specific times to gather your family together. This will help you be consistent. If you attend a church, take advantage of the materials they may give out for Bible study at home. Older children can read the lessons for themselves while a parent helps the younger ones. Sometimes our family acts out charades or everyone draws pictures of a particular story.

Reading a book aloud together is also great. Try some of the many inspiring mission stories or biographies available. It helps if you have a special box with cloth books and other quiet activities that younger children can play with during this time. On the weekends when more time may be available try playing a board game such as Bible Trivia ™. 

Active Involvement

Human beings learn and remember best through stimulation of their senses. Playing instruments or singing together is fun. There is a wide variety of appropriate music available including hymns, praise songs and Scripture songs. In the winter we often build a fire in the fireplace and get out the felt box. The kids like to arrange the felt figures to depict Bible stories. (These can be purchased at Christian bookstores or online.) Family worship is also a good time to light candles and give back rubs or foot massages.

There is much truth in the statement that the families who pray together stay together. Nothing I know of bonds people together like kneeling down before God, joining hands and praying for each other and others. To keep prayer times from becoming stagnant through repetitious phrases like “bless everyone” we rotate through family prayer cards (in categories) listing names of extended family members, friends and organizations for which we can specifically pray. Once a week we repeat together the Lord’s Prayer.

By choosing to bring your family together daily to worship as did Abraham the patriarch, you can honor God’s name on this earth and prepare your heart and the hearts of your family members for an eternity of praising God in heaven. “I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders” (Psalm 9:1).

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