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If Not You, Then Who?

By Willie Walker, 
Personal Ministries Director


The question “If Not Me, Then Who” is a question that every church member must ask themselves. As Personal Ministries Leader it is a struggle for me to get members involved and active in soul winning. We have an excuse not to participate in every effort that comes along that has to do with soul winning.  These excuses range from previous engagements, to planned potlucks, too hot, too cold, will possibly be raining, and I could go on and on.

Parishioners’ have allowed their roles as Laity to be diminished to no more than spectators at a time when we should be sharing the Three Angel’s message with everyone we come in contact with. We think only of being entertained by the Pastor on Sabbath morning and then going back to our palaceous homes in the suburb and don’t contribute to any ministry during the week and we come again on Sabbath and sponge up all that we can and go back home and start the cycle all over again. The mentality is that the pastor’s is supposed to do it all because after all, isn’t that what he is paid to do?

We must become “excited and ignited” over the love God has shown to us and then it will be an easy task to witness to others. We are a busy people and don’t realize the stupor we have allowed ourselves to drop into. It is a state of Laodicea and that makes it very hard to wake up. Brothers and sisters whether we realize or accept it or not Jesus is coming again and we had better get prepared or we will be lost.

Everybody has issues and concerns in their churches that cause them to be chaotic. It may be where one group disagrees with another group, or individuals get angry with another member, but for whatever the reasons strife comes among us, we can’t take our eyes off the prize which is the kingdom. I read where one church split because of the color of the carpet decision during a building project.  I attended a recent rally and at the end of the rally a questioned was asked of the presenter that before you go out and try to evangelize and bring souls into the church should you wait and clean up all the mess that is in the church first? The presenter thanked the person for the question and then responded with a resounding “Absolutely not.” He said that you may never clean up all the issues so therefore if you wait for that event to happen you will never do soul winning.

I have on hand several different types of Bible Studies to reach every soul at the point of their Christian experience. We have a Bible Worker, a Nurturing Team for both members and new converts, a Prayer Group and we are participating with the Voice Of Prophecy outreach Ministry.

 We are continuing to strive to create an atmosphere where every member feels they are a part of the church and they feel their contributions to ministry whether small or large are appreciated and needed. We have to revolutionize our thinking going forward in this twenty-first century because so much has changed drastically on how you reach people. The whole evangelizing method is now based on building relationships, where in years past you put up a tent and people would come in.

We have always thought of building bridges from the Church outward to the community, but maybe it is time to start working more in the community and start the bridges there that leads back to the Church. That is totally opposite of our old mentality to have the community to come, come, come, to our church, it is time now for us to go, go, go, into the community.  People are dying every day, killing their entire families, killing people they don’t even know, all sorts of tragedies are occurring in rapid succession, but the good news is Jesus is coming again soon and we must get the word out to the community that there is hope for all.

These Bridges of Hope should be nothing more that the Good News Gospel which is the Life of Jesus, His Death, His Burial, and His Resurrection. These bridges you build will be the ones that will carry many souls to the kingdom. If you are lined up with the Holy Spirit and God’s expectation of you, there will never be a question asked “If Not You, Then Who?” because it will always be “You.”

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