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Children's Ministries
By Shirley Griggs,


Berean Children's Ministry focuses on children, ages birth though 13 providing a loving atmosphere of Bible Studies, Children's Church, service to others, fun and fellowship with one another, all with the purpose of helping them develop a loving relationship with Christ and one another.

Children's Church
Children's church takes place every Sabbath except Third Sabbath which is Youth Day and on Fifth Sabbath when Communion is scheduled.  Children learn about Christ at a level that they can understand.  They participate throughout the entire service under the guidance of dedicated adult volunteers.  Merna Allen is our Children's Ministry Leader.  Musicians are Harold DeFreitis and Rosanne Castro.

Free Music Lessons
Berean is currently providing free music lessons for children through adult!  We have guitar and piano lessons in a group setting.  Students come together for periodic recitals as a ministry for the communty and church.  Private lessons can also be arranged on a fee basis.  Lessons are taught primiarily by David Sseblime and Cesar Reyes.

Children's Choir
We have a children's choir that is open to our community.  Rehearsals are weekly, right after Divine Hour.  Our Children's Choir Director is Rosanne Castro. 

Please join us each Sabbath for an engaging worship experience for your children. 
Merna Allen
Children’s Ministries Director

Children Learn What They Live